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Sep 17, 2011 10:15am EDT
, mr. boog. >> yeah. he's a michigan boy. i grew up watching his work on flint, and this actually shows his life before he was a film maker. so i'm really looking forward to seeing these stories from his life. >> bob? >> i was going to say he is, we did a short interview with him in the paper, i think it was actually today which would be by the time you see this, last thursday, and he describes it as -- he says it's not a memoir, that's sort of an anti-memoir, just some stories including, um, i think he was 13 years old wandering around the capitol and got lost, and he ran into bobby kennedy. >> now, gentlemen, a book by michael moore, will that automatically be a large print run? >> i would say, yes. >> i'm sorry, jason, go ahead. >> oh, he has such a big following online already. if you go to his web site already, you can see all the people that are talking about this book. i think it's going to sell a lot of copies. >> well, two other well known authors who might generate automatic large print runs, and they're economic books. sylvia nasser and michael lewis. sylvia naser's com
Sep 17, 2011 9:00am EDT
thursday. college football, eastern michigan is in michigan taking on the wolf reens. dry. michigan state is in south bend taking on notre dame at 3:30 right here on nbc. 67 degrees there. the brake light of the tigers auburn at clemson in death valley today 69 degrees. cloudy skies, a breeze and a risk of a little light rain there. colgate is in hanover, new hampshire -- >> big green. >> john's alma mater. the dartmouth green -- >> deep green. we don't really have a mascot. >> big green. there's the game of the day, top ranked oklahoma fifth ranked florida state in tallahassee under the lights. 8:00 kick off, 80 degrees. >> wow. must be nice to be in florida. >> got to win this one. if we get past this one i'll be at the ou/missouri game cheering on what will hopefully be an undefeated team. it's going to be close. >> thanks, chuck. >>> it is 9:50 right now. they used to be division rifles. >> that's right. when the redskins take on the cardinals tomorrow the matchup will be just as heated. >>> up next, we'll take a look back at a skins/cardinals gapes all fans will remember fondly
Sep 17, 2011 1:00am PDT
consultants. he joins us from troy, michigan. nice to see you. back back to the program. >> thank you, tom, great to see you. >> tom: why so bearish? you describe yourself as extremely bearish? why? >> well, i'm looking at, say, the next three or four years. i think, first of all, where we are now, the combination of economic stagnation and government austerity is not really a pill for a better economy. we have shifting demographics with people-- baby boomers are getting older. housing to me doesn't look like it's fixed yet. the employment levels look like they're going to get worse, unemployment levels and we see what the fed is doing. they basically told us we're giving you a free pass on interest rates the next couple of years, that combined with what's going on in europe the last couple of days i think is a real testimony to the issues and problems going on, in a global economy. these are not things that happen when the economy is doing well. these are things that-- this continued facilitation of money and money being thrown at everything it try to fix it. i don't think it's r
Sep 17, 2011 7:30pm EDT
arkansas state out of the sunbelt 26-7 the final. on we go to michigan state and notre dame, spencer t. >> spencer: nermd trying to avoid the third 0-3 start in program history and for his part george atkinson iii doing it for 89 yards on this one, the distance, there he goes down the stretch. that put them up 14-3. >> tony: tommy rees, why he's the starter. irish go up 28-10 and win comfortably. >> tim: michigan state did not look good in this game, not at all. elsewhere, west virginia hangs on and beats maryland 37-31. got a big lead thep the terps made a come-back behind the arm of danny o'brien. he did have three picks today. auburn and clemson. big win for dabo swinney. >> spencer: tajh boyd hits allen. >> tony: boyd finds sammy watkins. watkins is off to the races. 65-yard touchdown gives clemson their first lead of the game, you're right, big win for dabo swinney. >> tim: incredible when you think about it. coming up we've got more scores, highlights plus we'll talk about the latest in conference realignment. when "the jeep post-game show" continues. you don't always know where
Sep 17, 2011 7:00am EDT
program for the university of michigan that said that it was appropriate to take race into account if you do it in a way that is personal and not a quota and you do a lot of other stuff so that actually no court can figure out what the heck you're doing. which is exactly sort of the standard. if you take it so to diffuse and so vague and so individualized that nobody has a smoking gun that race was the actual factor, then you can do it. and, you know, people in your universities shockingly are able to do these things. and so i don't think as long as that is, you know, the rule, you know, the supreme court is going to be interested in coming back to that issue so soon. is that in the enter regularium an affirmative action had been thrown out in the '90s, the texas legislature i think at the behest of the late republican who is i'm sure very close to everybody here passed a statute that said that in order to increase the number of minority students in texas public education, there was going to be a guaranteed 10% for the top -- the top 10 at each high school would be entitled to go into
Sep 17, 2011 3:00am EDT
growing up in grand rapids, michigan but he seemingly does all he can to mask the memories of hardship. a few miles from the gym, this is the ode to opulence where mayweather is known to spend frequent afternoons, tobin motor cars. joining him for a browse today, r&b singer ray jay. >> limited edition. >> mayweather owns 14 luxury cars, collection valued at more than $4 million. on this visit he negotiates an impromptu trade, one of his bentleys for a new rolls royce. >> you want to come to the dealership and meet me at my house and me the difference and we will take care of it. i will give you cash. >> several hours later, back at the mayweather mansion, a man they call chop arrives with the call they call the ghost. >> rolls royce effect. we add another rolls royce to the collection, you know what i'm saying. that's what it is. all white, that's right. money men don't play. >> following a bit of paperwork, the exchange is made. a cash payment makes up the difference. >> thank you. >> appreciate another beautiful with the champ. >> we do that. we trade a super sport in and we take a r
Sep 17, 2011 1:30am PDT
, since what happened in michigan where we've had these pipelines explode and people were killed, we have met with the gas and oil companies. we have organized so that now the gas companies will put up on their website where pipelines are. people move into neighborhoods and they have no idea a pipeline is running through their front yard. we want to get to the ideaed that somebody doesn't throw the switch in their house -- the light switch and the explosion occurs in their front yard. those kinds of safety opportunities are what we're trying to create. we have some responsibility for pipeline safety at the department of transportation. but we've given some of that responsibility over to the state. we want to work with the oil and gas companies to make sure people are aware if there is a pipeline in their front yard and to make sure that the oil and gas companies are replacing these ijing pipe leans on a regular basis so we don't have the kind of explosions that took place in san bernardino. >> thank you. >>> multitalented eed actress, singer, danner is now performing on stamg. in thi
Sep 16, 2011 5:30pm PDT
shift. >> reporter: she'll get no argument from 85-year-old michigan democrat john dingell, the longest-serving congressman. >> is there anyone among us here that are proud that we could not produce a budget? that we caused the downgrading of the u.s. government securities? >> reporter: several lawmakers came back from the august break saying they'd got the message and want to work together. but jacquelyn sturgess of chicago is skeptical. she has heard it before. >> what is the problem when some of the best-educated people in this nation cannot sit down and bring a resolution to a problem plaguing this country? would someone please explain that to me? >> reporter: americans are split over how the president should deal with congress. about a third think he should go along with republicans more. a little more than a third think he should challenge republicans more. the rest, scott, think he's doing about the best he can. >> pelley: thanks, nancy. there was something else we noticed in the poll about congress. we've been taking these polls for decades, and almost always when folks say they
Sep 17, 2011 7:00am EDT
advisories and warnings fort northern part of michigan as well as new england. protect those plants this morning as well as tomorrow morning. high pressure will dominate much of new england. cooler temperatures. the slight risk for some severe weather, though, for sections of the south plains. that's a look at your saturday r >> the fall weather stays with us today. we'll be under mostly cloudy skies. winds out of the east-northeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour. still keeping it cool. 64 to 68 degrees. that's your saturday forecast. amy. >> scott, thank you. still to come on today, scorched earth. the devastating drought in texas, that is next. but first, this is "today" on nbc. 1 >>> we have been reporting on this natural disaster unfolding in texas where at this point nearly 100% of the state is suffering from the worst drought in decades. the impact, though, is being felt across the country. we get more now from nbc's janet chamblian. >> reporter: texas in flames, fire racing across the region sustained by an unreleapting drought. it has been catastrophic for homeowners
Sep 17, 2011 5:00am EDT
saw a fisherman catch a deer. that's what happened to one man in michigan. he came upon a fawn trying to swim across the bay. the man was able to pull the fawn aboard his boat. he released the animal when they got closer to shore. >> from a man helping others to one not so happy with other people. take a look at this case of restaurant rage. police say a customer at a fast food restaurant wasn't satisfied with his dessert. first he swipes at something on the counter and storms out, but then he cummeds back, throwing more items from the counter and take a swing at an employee. p and when you think he's gone for good, he grabs a mop and swings it at two people behind the counter they were not hurt. but the irate customer faces assault and criminal mischief. >> i wonder what the dessert was ? >> i don't know. maybe they didn't have chocolate. >> detectives arrest a man in connection with the death of an elderly woman. how officials were able to connect him to that incident. >> bofox gone wrong. the potential dangers hinald the do it yourself botox kits. >> i'm sally kidd. this area is ho
Sep 17, 2011 7:00am EDT
day. our first call comes from michigan. tom on our line for democrats. caller: good morning. thanks for c-span. glenn: thanks for calling. glenn: thanks for calling. tell us about the significance of the constitution in your daily life. caller: every day i think about living in one of the worst neighborhoods in downtown detroit and listening to people [inaudible] talking about the second amendment, the right to bear arms. and when you're sitting in your own house, your own apartment, whatever it is, your crib, whatever you call it, you listen to this night after night, month after month. and i finally bought a gun. i was finally tired of wondering if i would be waking up with somebody busting into my apartment. so that drives every thought i have on a daily basis whether i can have a gun and carry it and protect myself when i go to the bank with large sums of money. glenn: next, tennessee on our line for republicans. paul on the "washington journal." caller: good morning. i've got something to say sir. i want to make two points. our country needs to hear what i'm fixing to say. we h
Sep 17, 2011 6:00am PDT
warnings for the northern part of michigan, as well as new england. so protect those plants. this morning as well as tomorrow morning. high pressure dominates in much of new england. cooler temperatures. slight risk for severe weather for sections of the south plains. that's a >> good morning. we're seeing a cool start here on this saturday morning with patchy low clouds and mist possible in a few areas and around lunchtime we'll see sunshine inland and temperatures for the afternoon running warmer. an even spread of 70s to some mid 80s further inland out toward the east bay and down toward morgan hill. 78 in san jose. 70 in oakland. you can see as we wrap up the weekend and head into the beginning of next week, temperatures climbing into the 90s again for our inland valleys. that's your saturday forecast. amy. >> scott, thank you. still to come on today, scorched earth. the devastating drought in texas, that is next. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ man ] did we get anything good? sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. fiber makes me sad. oh common. i dar
Sep 17, 2011 8:00am EDT
, indiana, notre dame hosting michigan state, yesterday at notre dame it was 39 degrees yesterday morning. yesterday got to 60, today will get to 70. 3:30 kickoff time, 65 degrees, beautiful conditions. if you're heading there, it will be beautiful in the stands. once again, back to florida, florida hosting tennessee he, 3:30 this afternoon, about an isolated chance for a shower. 87 degrees. pretty steamy if our out there, but it certainly will be fun. games looking great, t.j. >> all right. notre dame, i've got to see if they can come back from what michigan did to them last week. thank you so much. we'll check in later. >>> we're getting close to the top of the hour. quick break. we'll be right back. stay with me. you don't just taste it, you feel it. ♪ do you believe in magic? ♪ ♪ it's magic ♪ [ male announcer ] it's a comfort that comes from the only caramel worthy of being wrapped in gold. ♪ do you believe in magic? [ male announcer ] werther's original caramel chocolate. what comfort tastes like. oh, we call it the bundler. let's say you need home and auto insuranc
Sep 17, 2011 7:00am PDT
. it was a bazaar scene on a michigan lake. how a fishing trip turn under to a rescue mission. >>> weather is in the forecast for your weekend. we are dealing with a little bit of gray. when the gray will be gone and when the sunshine will arrive we'll take a look coming up. (laughter) sorry i'm late, i was in the 16th century looking for pete's pen. (laughter) guys, guys. take it easy, ok? pete's mom is videochatting me, and she wants her pen back! ok, alright, well. i just got one. so... yeah, you've got a little... yep, i can feel the wet patch. don't look at it. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay. who should get it? i really love jennifer. yeah, she's great. yeah. yeah. kyle's got that thick head of hair. and that should be rewarded. ok, moment of truth. on "three," say which kid you love the most. oh, fun, yeah. 1...2...3... jennifer. jennifer. whoa. wow. ha! she's so pretty. yeah. or, we give it to kyle. it's really all he's got. [ male announcer ] switch to at&t u-verse and record four shows all at the same time. just $29 a month for 6 months. at&t. >>> father and son
Sep 17, 2011 6:00am EDT
-- agenda is. i think it is the non-stake holders. i would suggest that chairman michigan ica and might bes of congress -- mica and members -- that is moving forward. customers are coming and saying help us navigate how we can move thele on this. if we're not building roads and putting more people out there, it is more stuff through the pipeline. we know what the answer is. we're slowing down. >> thank you. >> two more questions. one of them, i think, jim, this is probably best for you. former speaker newt gingrich and john boehner said we should pay for increased with revenue from new oil and gas drilling rights. do you agree? and you can decline to answer. >> i agree with speaker boehner. good answer. >> well done, sir. >> and this is another question. those of us watching ourselves get older, baby boomers are retiring. is there an interest inarding what will be increased demand for transit services? this is directed to anybody. ron? >> that is a real growing need in our region. it is the fastest growing component of metro's budget. i think we need a blend of supplies and some real im
Sep 16, 2011 5:00pm PDT
order. >> this next fishermen in michigan. it was really struggling. he helped and eventually released the fawn, >> this baby rescue. you can see it is sitting on the concrete the rescue of the 1 month old took two awards. it is now recovering at the wild care rehabilitation in san rafael. we will be back. so...what do you think? i'm not crazy about these light fixtures. kitchen's too small. what's next? 607 franklin st. ♪ sea bass... ♪ ooohhh! ♪ i like it. yeah, i love the kitchen. [ male announcer ] the epa-estimated 42 mpg highway chevy cruze eco. perfect for finding your way home. fast >>catherine: this is in libya one of the last cities loyal to moammar gaddafi sirte, this is near the manchurian coast near his home town. libyan forces say they have captured 40 operati opposition soldiers. >> returning to earth after five months without gravity. with cosmonauts, they quickly came drifting home overnight back from the international space station. they were on board a soviet capsule. the central asia cause of st >> the bill has been paid but these are still being held. the bill
FOX News
Sep 17, 2011 3:00am PDT
and we have 40's across northern michigan and a few 30's and 52 in chicago and warm acrs the south. the radar shows showers around the east scattered in nature. we have more significant storms move across kansas and areas of texas and big bend and across the rockies and utah and montana and wyoming and to the west we have the showers. salt lake city and the higher elevations seeing snow in colorado rockies. getting to be like winter. and at home, dave is about to dance. >>dave: that is a horrifying image. we have traditional german culture dancing, but it may not be as easy as in the movies. what a great clip. chevy chase on european vacation. today we celebrate the 54th annual german men parade with dancers. andrew, the president of the association, good morning. oktoberfest is officially underway this morning. >> started 40 minutes ago. >>dave: last year, seven million liters of beer were consumed. >>guest: they expect more this year, last year was the 200th anniversary. >>dave: you have to consume a lot of beer for folks to do the dancing. so i will have you guys give a demonstr
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)